With the sudden death of his partner Eric, Paulo must pass through a life transformation. Paulo is HIV+ but never got sick before and now he sees his own life is in danger for the first time. He embarks on a conscious transformation by filtering what matters in his life. The film brings us into Paulo’s search for a meaningful way to deepen Gazelle’s life. His emotional depths is transformed into artistic expressions that plays with the Past and Present through symbolic use of references. Besides the new lover Mark, he finds collaborators who pushes him forward in life bringing Gazelle’s work to his highest level.

Paulo is internationally famous in the underground scene for his alter-ego Gazelle. Appearing in clubs around the world in boldly conceived costumes, Gazelle became well known when he created the publication “GAZELLAND”, a documentation of the artists, photographers and designers of the gay nightlife community of London, New York and Sao Paulo. Gazelle is able to capture the astonishing creativity of this international underground scene. He upgraded the term “Club Kids” to “Freak Chics” when addressing them due to the fashion evolution of their ensembles.